Victim XXL Crank 25cm-Tinca


Product number: VXXLC-22-MH-OF
Product information "Victim XXL Crank 25cm-Tinca"

The Victim XXL Crank is the largest crankbait of the Victim series. With a length of 25 cm and a weight of about 165g, it is a decent morsel for the very big predators. The crankbait swims first and dives trolled up to 5 meters. Thrown it runs somewhat flatter. Its flanking, slightly rolling action makes it an exciting bait for both trolling and casting. The Victim XXL Crank is perceived by the predators even at a greater distance and has been able to outsmart numerous meter pike, as well as beautiful catfish. You get lead-free and sustainably made from wood bait.

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